About Gary Bell

Fly Fishing Experience

Gary was born in Lisburn County Antrim in 1968 and started Fly fishing at the age of 7 and tying flies at the age of 10. He has been a full time Professional Game Angling Instructor since he obtained his entry level qualifications and 3 months later his APGAI qualifications in 1998. Gary is well known throughout Great Britain and Ireland for his Instruction, Demonstrations, Guiding and also his Flies, which he ties to order.

Fly Casting and Fly Dressing Qualifications

He is well qualified in Game Angling as he is a member of the Game Anglers Instructors Association (GAIA) and holds the Game Anglers Instructors Certificate (GAIC), Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor (APGAI), Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor – Ireland (APGAI-Ireland) and Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors (AAPGAI) qualifications in all of the 3 disciplines, which are Salmon (Double-Handed), Trout (Single-Handed) and Fly Dressing with all of the above organisations.

Angling Show Demonstrations

He has Demonstrated Fly Casting and Fly Dressing for many years at various Angling shows and Game Fairs, both in Great Britain and Ireland, some of which include; CLA, Chatsworth Angling Fair, All Ireland Game Fair, Angling Ireland show, Loughs Agency Fair, Irish International Fly Fair, Irish Fly Fair and many, many others. All of which he really enjoys taking part in.

Published Articles

Gary is also an accomplished writer and has written a number of Articles for various Fly Fishing Magazines, if you go to the page on Articles you will be able to read them. This section will be updated on an ongoing basis with each future Article that is published in the Fly Fishing Magazines.
gary landing a fish