Workshops & Training


Packages are available for groups or clubs who require workshops in fly casting (Double-Handed & Single-Handed), fly dressing or fishing techniques. Gary has three packages available which are beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops in Double-Handed, Single-Handed and Fly dressing. Workshops are a great way to get a group or club to a certain level in any aspect of fly fishing, whether it be fly casting, fly Dressing or a specific fishing technique. Packages can also be tailored to suit individual groups or clubs who would like to focus on one particular aspect or a combination of various aspects.


Training is also available for anglers wishing to obtain a Professional Qualification in any of the three disciplines which are Salmon (Double-Handed), Trout (Single-Handed) and Fly Dressing. Gary has plenty of experience helping anglers to successfully obtain their qualifications. Not only will he be able to get either your casting or your fly dressing up to the level needed, he will also and just as important, teach you how to teach. The Training is always carried out at a private venue which assures complete anonymity.

Please contact Gary to discuss your requirements.

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