Flies tied to order

Gary has a selection of his own highly successful fly patterns which are available to order. He can also tie any fly you want, all he will need is either a sample fly or for you to send him the dressing details.

Dries, Emergers, Nymphs, Buzzers, Wets, Filo, Lures, Salmon (all sorts), Pike and Saltwater flies are all tied to existing patterns, Gary's own design or custom tied to your requirements.
All flies are tied using the finest quality materials available and are tied on premium quality hooks.

As Gary is a fully qualified fly dressing instructor you can be sure all flies will be tied to the highest possible standard.

Please contact Gary to discuss or place an order.

Dry Flies

dry fly 01   dry fly 01   dry fly 01
dry fly 01   dry fly 01   dry fly 01

Gary ties all types of dry fly to order, the flies above are just a small sample to illustrate the quality of the dry flies he offers.


emerger 01   emerger 02   emerger 03
emerger 04   emerger 05   emerger 06

Emergers are often the most successful flies to fish for Trout with, Gary can supply you with flies proven to catch when fish are keyed on emergers.


nymph 01   nymph 02   nymph 03
nymph 04   nymph 05   nymph 06

Gary ties all types of nymphs to order from traditional Pheasant tails to nymphs that use the latest materials. All of them catch fish


buzzer 01   buzzer 02   buzzer 03
buzzer 04   buzzer 05   buzzer 06

There are times on Loughs and Stillwaters when only buzzers will do, Gary's buzzers, like all his flies, are tied to exceptionally high standards.

Wet Flies

wet fly 01   wet fly 02   wet fly 03
wet fly 04   wet fly 05   wet fly 06

From traditional quill winged wets tomore modern designs, Gary can supply any you want.


filo 01   filo 02   filo 03
filo 04   filo 05   filo 06

Many of the Filo flies Gary offers are tied to his own design and have proven themselves a revelation with many big fish finding the movement of the Filoplume irresistable.


lure 01   lure 02   lure 03
lure 04   lure 05   lure 06

Staple stillwater favourites many lures are also proving effective on rivers when conditions make fishing other types of flies difficult. Why not give it a try with Garys lures? You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Salmon Flies

salmon fly 01   salmon fly 02   salmon fly 03
salmon fly 04   salmon fly 05   salmon fly 06

Planning a Salmon fishing trip to Ireland? Gary's Salmon flies have brought many fish to the net on Irelands finest Salmon waters as well as further afield. Gary ties and fishes all types of Salmon flies.

Pike Flies

pike fly 01   pike fly 02   pike fly 03
pike fly 04   pike fly 05   pike fly 06

With 700 teeth Pike can make short work of poorly tied flies, Garys Pike flies are tied to last fish after fish.

Saltwater Flies

saltwater fly 01   saltwater fly 02   saltwater fly 03
saltwater fly 04   saltwater fly 05   saltwater fly 06

Saltwater fly fishing has for a few years now been one of the fastest growing branches of our sport. Whether you need flies to fish on Irish & UK shores or for a trip chasing tropical species Gary can supply you with the flies you need.

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